Covenant Consult is an international operating consultancy, offering individual and innovative solutions to international organizations,  non-governmental organizations, governments  and actors within the private business sector. We have build a leading and diverse team that brings together unique skills, talents, expertise and experience.

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Covenant Consult

Established in Yangon in 2011, Covenant Consult provides individual and innovative solutions in the development fields of livelihoods, education, security and peace building, governance and private sector development to international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, government and the private sector. This includes the design, management and delivery of complex research and development projects as well as strategic advisory services. We are highly dedicated to deliver impact, value and change for our clients and the lives we and they touch every day. We specialise in implementing projects in conflict-affected areas, such as southeast Myanmar and Northern Shan and Kachin States. Through our work in these areas and our cooperation with leading experts on ethnic politics in Myanmar for a number of years, we have established strategic networks and relationships with various stakeholders, including ethnic armed organizations and their social service departments, civil society networks, conflict-affect populations and government departments. This gives us a unique mandate in carrying out projects in a conflict-sensitive way, adhering to international best practices of ‘do-no-harm’.

Senior leadership of Covenant Consult have been members of the Norewgian led Myanmar Peace Support Initiative (MPSI) during 2012-2015 and have successfully brought conflict stakeholders together in order to build trust and confidence. Currently, Covenant implements the Myanmar Interim Arragenments Research Project (MIARP), which focuses on the relationship between EAOs and government service delivery systems, including education, during the period initial ceasefires and comprehensive political settlement. The list of our clients includes the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the International Labour Organisation, the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, as well as international non-governmental organizations such as the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Action Aid, Danish Church Aid, Johanniter International, Bread for the World. Among our local partners are organisations, which have assisted conflict-affected communities for decades, including Karen Development Network, Ethnic Peace Resource Project, Mon Women Organisation, Mon National Education Committee, Karen Teachers Working Group, Committee for Internally Displaced People, the Myanmar Council of Churches and others. Our projects are funded by institutions including the Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund and the Joint Peace Fund.


Saw Lwe Shee – Administrative/ Finance Officer




Niang Muan Lian – Finance Officer 

Axel Schroeder – Financial Manager/ Business Consultant

Axel Schroeder is a professional with advanced experiences in economic and financial sector development. He worked with a wide range of organizations in the development sector in Europe, Africa and Asia. Axel has been involved in several research studies and economical assessments for intergovernmental organizations in Asia. He holds corporate finance lectures at university level and has developed and implemented microfinance training workshops for local NGOs in Myanmar. He holds a Master Degree in International Strategic Management, as well as a Master Degree in International Social Sciences.  axel.schroeder@covenant-consult.com


Theo Lian Pianga- Director

Thet Thet Zaw- Finance Manager

Matthias Rimarzik- Senior Development Advisor

Matthias is a development professional with 15 years of advisory, management and leadership roles in Southeast Asia. He conducted and contributed to a number of research activities with extensive field work in particular in the Education/Technical Vocational Education Training and Livelihoods sector with focus on vulnerability and inclusiveness in Myanmar. He holds a Master of Sciences (MSc Natural Resource Management) with post-graduate Certificate Development Studies. matthias.rimarzik@covenant-consult.com



Saw Pyit Nyein Chan Aung – Learning Officer

Saw Pyit Nyein Chan Aung works as a Data and Research Analyst at Covenant, currently supporting the Livelihood and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) funded Enhanced Livelihoods for Displaced People Project.
Prior to joining Covenant, Saw Pyit was involved in various community development projects in the Philippines and Myanmar.
He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary. He also received a Master of Science Public Health degree from The Adventist University of the Philippines.  sawpyae@covenant-consult.com

Yu Yu Phyo- Assistant Finance






Tim Schroeder – Head of Program

Tim Paul Schroeder is Head of Program at Covenant, where he oversees program implementation and business development.
Prior to working at Covenant, Tim was a consultant for the Myanmar Peace Support Initiative, where he supported peace-building projects in conflict-affected areas of southeast Myanmar. He also worked with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) for a number of years and remains on the board of ADRA International.
Tim earned his Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Pforzheim University of Applied Science. He has also obtained a Master of Arts degree in International Social Sciences from Friedensau Adventist University, Germany.  tim.schroeder@covenant-consult.com

Saw Zarni Htway – Consultant

Saw Zar Ni Htway is a Consultant at Covenant, working on various development projects across Myanmar.
Zar Ni obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Spicer Memorial College, India. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in International Social Sciences from Friedensau Adventist University, Germany.  zarni@covenant-consult.com


Naw Yadana Myint – Administrative/Human Resource Officer

Naw Yadana Myint is the Administrative/Human Resource Officer at Covenant, where she oversees human resource planning and development and provides administrative support to the management.
Before joining Covenant, Yadana worked as a part-time junior accountant at Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary and as a volunteer at Adventist University of the Philippines graduate business department.
She completed a Bachelor of Arts Business Administration at Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary            and a Master in Business Administration from the Adventist University of the Philippines.  yadana@covenant-consult.com


Nang Jar Mai – Communication Officer

Nang Jar Mai is a Communication Officer at Covenant, where she oversees all internal and external communications.
Prior to working at Covenant, Nang Jar was a teacher at Yangon Adventist Seminary for two years where she taught Science and Biology to the students of age of 10-18.
Nang Jar earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Bioscience from Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand.  nangjar@covenant-consult.com


Dr. Ashley South – Senior Associate Consultant

Dr. Ashley South has 15 years’ experience as an independent researcher, author and consultant. He has a PhD from the Australian National University, and is a Research Fellow at Chiang Mai University, Center for Ethnic Studies and Development. Main research interests: ethnic conflict and peace processes in Myanmar/Burma and Mindanao, politics of language and education, humanitarian protection and forced migration, and comparative philosophies of peace-building. For a list of Dr. South’s publications, see www.AshleySouth.co.uk



Dr. Robert Mellor – Senior Associate Consultant

Robert is a development advisor who has designed, managed and evaluated projects in more then 22 countries. His advisory focus is on capacity-building and learning: in policy and practice, both personal and institutional, to national and sub-national government, as well as to non-government organisations. He has a unique blend of practical skills, honed over years of experience with a capacity for strategic and innovative thinking. He has a Master of Policy (in international Development), a PhD in Business Innovation, as well as a number of vocational qualifications.  info@covenant-consult.com


Regine Rimarzik – Senior Advisor

With a professional background in community health and intercultural (South East Asia) work experience in the area of Children at Risk, the development practitioner Regine Rimarzik works, teaches, and researches with a passion for ethnic minority people who suffer from abuse, trauma, and addiction in social dislocation. Her role in development consultancy is to strengthen organizations and individuals to adequately respond to recovery needs of vulnerable women and children.  regine.rimarzik@covenant-consult.com



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