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Development in Context and Practice

Within the complexities of the development sector, we are committed to operate from an innovative perspective that is led by the key principles of inclusiveness and conflict sensitivity. In order to support our clients of international- and national organizations in meaningful ways, we believe that looking at development tasks and interventions from multiple perspectives is key. This conviction is backed up by Covenant’s positive experiences with thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to responding adequately to people’s systems of entanglements, oppression, and disempowerment. Or in a nutshell: Covenant Consult’s approach to development in context and practice entails people-centered development. This is built on principles of equity and sustainability and is pursued by the means of increasing livelihoods, security, and capabilities of people. We acknowledge and embrace inclusiveness and people’s participation by developing, monitoring, and evaluating programs that aim to reach the most vulnerable and stand for local ownership. Hence, we are convinced that a rural development program design that includes gender equality, -protection, health, and environmental issues as well as business opportunities deems to work towards improved resilience and livelihoods of rural people groups. Rather than focusing on one-sided development interventions, Covenant Consult team members emphasize a web of multiple factors to ensure to meet the needs of marginalized people in culturally appropriate and conflict-sensitive ways. This rather holistic attitude and response to people’s lack of access to social and economic power gets more and more shared by our likeminded business cooperation partners and thus builds bridges throughout the process of contributing to peacebuilding. Together, we embrace learning and promoting these relational attitudes to shape our daily work and leadership as development advisors and consultants.

Project Development

Our direct contributions to rural- and community development are linked to projects and their implementation. Covenant directly contributed to the development of several larger rural development projects of different nature over the recent years. Covenant Consult is also a consortium member of a certain project implementation. Our expertise as development and technical advisors is key to the successful implementation of this project. As a competence team with technical as well as context knowledge and experience, we are able to develop comprehensive and competitive project proposals for our clients.

Building Local Capacity

Much in the development sector is built on knowledge transfers. As a competence team with distinct development experience within a regional context (Southeast Asia), we aim for supporting local partners to develop competencies for successful project implementation. We are able to address the need for capacity building in a number of areas and design tailored training units for our clients. CC has a strong command over conducting trainings in the fields of organizational development (HR, Policy), good governance, peacebuilding and conflict analysis, program development and management, as well as leadership and strategic planning. Through our technical and educational background as well as our value-based working principles (see tab “Who we are,” and “Our approach”), we are competent to meet our client’s training needs in a comprehensive and outstanding manner.  


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