August 19, 2020 by Covenant Consult

Endline Survey Report – For the Enhanced Livelihoods for Displaced People Project

The Enhanced Livelihoods for Displaced People (ELDP) proj- ect had been funded by Livelihoods and Food Security Trust (LIFT). Under LIFT’s Uplands Programme, the project focused on three key areas: (1) building skills through vocational training, (2) enabling IDP villages to find secured access to natural resources and (3) enhancing community-based organiza- tions by social protection. The project was implemented in 33 villages with Internally-Displaced-People (IDP) of three town- ships in the Tanintharyi Region. The duration of the three- year project has been from 4 July 2016 until 30 June 2019. In order to sustain the LIFT-funded vocational training insti- tution, the project received a one-year cost extension lasting until June 2020. Hence, a smooth phasing out of the VSLA group support, including the technical support that was pro- vided to all established saving groups, could be anticipated and prepared respectively.

The build-up and facilitation of the Community Vocational Training Center (CVTC) in Thayetchaung Township turned out to be the core activity of the project. There were six vocational training courses offered in total. The content and nature of the courses strongly correlated with the training needs of young people from the region while 516 training participants, mostly youths were trained within the life cycle of the project. The respective cycle of each ten-week training module includ- ed technical training, life skills and the knowledge transfer of essential know-how on small-scale entrepreneurship. The im- plementation and realization of suggested sustainability mea- sures will determine whether CVTC is going to be able to main- tain and further manifest its current significance for the region.

Well-functioning community structures (VDCs, CBOs, Com- mittees) are essential sustainability components. In this con- text, the ELDP project significantly fostered and strengthened community development, primarily through training and supplies. The establishment of 21 functioning Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) considerably contributed to the empowerment of women and livelihood security. In regard to future saving cycles, women are encouraged and motivated to to sustain existing village saving groups beyond the project life cycle.

The following key findings of this Endline survey have been captured from 344 HHs (HHs) of 15 project villages (three townships in Tanintharyi Region). With an average number of six persons,1 the size of one household is relatively high. It should be noted that 62% of the Endline survey respondents were female.

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