Covenant Consult provides individual and innovative solutions in the development fields of livelihoods, education, security and peace building, governance and private sector development to international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, government and the private sector.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on many years of experience and a wide range of skills that will lead to excellent results. It is our best-practice approach to carefully assess the needs of our clients in order to offer flexible, innovative and practical solutions. The Covenant Consult team principles include genuine respect for the people we work with. In this context confidentiality is part of our best practice. In order to strive for quality work we have committed to following working principles:

  • Partnership: In our work we promote and practice partnership that is built on trust, transparency and inclusiveness.
  • Accountability: We promote and strive for being accountable to our partners and clients through trackable and documented action.
  • Learning: We understand learning as a life-long process where positive outcomes derive from sufficient access to learning opportunities and open dialogue based on mutual respect.


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