Covenant Consult provides innovative but practical solutions to real challenges. Our services include: design, delivery and evaluation of development projects; research and analysis; as well as strategic and practical advice. Our projects focus on the fields of livelihoods, education, security and peace-building, governance and business development. We provide services to development partners, NGOs and CSOs, government and the private sector.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on our many years of collective experience and developing the skills and knowledge to solve problems and deliver results. We listen carefully to our clients and invest time into understanding their needs and issues thoroughly. We work with you…not for you, and offer you implementable and practical solutions to problems and a range of ideas that will produce results. We do what we say we are going to do and we keep you involved and informed as much (and in the way) that suits you.

Covenant Consult is committed to the concept that trust and respect always builds results – even in situations of conflict and tension. Confidentiality is often a key part of building trust but we will also never shy away from speaking our mind. Respect is shown in our actions and words.

We believe the quality of our work comes from staying true to our fundamental principles:

  • PARTNERSHIPS and teamwork will always produce the best results – so we promote and build partnerships that are built on trust, transparency and respect.
  • We take RESPONSIBILITY for what we say and do – and we encourage others to do the same. We never fail to achieve outcomes without a good reason.
  • TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY: We follow due diligence, we record our words and actions and we measure , monitor and evaluate. We communicate and report in a way that makes sense.
  • We are always LEARNING .We learn from others, we learn from mistakes and we share our learning. We believe that the opportunity to learn positive lessons from all kinds of situations is a right that belongs to all people.
  • RESULTS.We will be judged by what we do… not just what we say.
  • We will never compromise our ETHICS.