January 29, 2021 by Covenant Consult

Language and Education in Chin State

This working paper provides an overview of the MEPP 2 team’s findings in Chin State, particularly, in regards to the implementation of Local Curriculum Content.

Based on the research, analysis and consultations outlined (including the Chin Education Forum), this paper makes two main recommendations for the unique situation in Chin State. These recommendations have been endorsed (and identified as priorities) by the State Education Office, and Minister for Social Affairs:

  • To survey the languages spoken in schools or multilingual areas – starting with a pilot in one or more townships (e.g. Kanpetlet, Ton- zang Township, or Falam Township); initial focus on high schools in urban areas (where language diversity is generally greatest). This would constitute a needs analysis of the languages spoken (and by how many students), at the same time indicating local capacities and interest in teaching those languages (especially but not only among LCC volunteers).19
  • To develop and implement a training program for local language teachers. Some have not completed formal (even primary) education, and many have had no teacher training. This is one of the key opportunities to collaboration between the LCCs and the MoE: the MoE is committed to providing a quality education to children, but to do this the teachers must be trained. The LCCs are committed to teaching their mother tongues, but lack resources or training. The proposed training program (pre-service and in-service, including possibly mobile training teams) should include development of a “career route” for local language teachers, from part-time work towards eventually full-time appointment with MoE.
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