Organizational Development

Covenant Consult targets key areas that are triggers for organisational growth, including operations, finance, research, and marketing. Seeing our clients succeed is the core of Covenant’s organisational development services.

Organizational Development

Covenant Consult targets key areas that are triggers for organisational growth, including operations, finance, research, and marketing. Seeing our clients succeed is the core of Covenant’s organisational development services. We take time to listen to our client’s particular situation, to really to get to know about their organization and business environment.  We then apply our extensive knowledge and research, collected from over a decade of working in Myanmar, to develop tailored strategies for our client’s business challenges, opportunities, and objectives. Our core services are designed to be an integrated set of solutions, and our standard of delivery often results in Covenant developing long term client relations. Please get in touch to learn more about any of the following solutions.

Finance and Business training

Covenant has a strong emphasis on building local capacity. No matter the operation focus of your organisation, ensuring staff and partners have adequate knowledge on financial and business matters is critical to project success. Covenants core finance and business training curriculum can be tailed to your requirements in terms of: length, language, or mode of delivery (online/in person). Previously our Finance and Business training has been tailed to agriculture producer groups, village saving and loan associations, value chain stakeholders, and wildlife conservation.  Whether building the capacity of internal staff, or of partners and community-based groups, Covenant is uniquely positioned in offering flexible training packages designed to meet your needs whilst also guaranteeing quality. Our well qualified staff members include Chartered Accountants and postgraduate degree holders from top global universities.

Market Research/Analysis

Whether your company is a start-up, looking to expand, or reevaluating your current market, our market analysis helps you to identify the attractiveness of a market. Our approach provides our customers with a holistic picture of the market they operate in. It detects current and future risks of operating. Having an in-depth understanding of our clients existing and potential target markets, customers and competition is very crucial for the success of a business. Covenant Consult offers various types of research methods to identify the main opportunities and challenges. Covenant Consult draws from a number of methodologies for data optimization:

  • Qualitative Research: in-depth interviews; ethnographic field observation, Focus group discussions,
  • Quantitative Research: Design of questionnaire; Costumer Communities; tracking programs.

Financial Advisory Services

Covenant is well aware of the many challenges organisations face in meeting multiple donor financial requirements, while often valiantly trying to manage with only a small finance and administrative team to maximise organisation impact. Covenants team of financial experts offers a range of services which can fill the gap in helping clients meet their financial needs, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.

Our service offering:

  • Preparation of accounting records and financial statements
  • Internal Audit Advisory Service
  • Project Audits

Internal controls are a crucial aspect of every corporation to maintain integrity.  Proactively working with our clients, in a conflict sensitive way, Covenant can objectively and independently assess the existence, adequacy and effectiveness of internal financial procedures. Our feedback and recommendations can further enhance clients’ financial capabilities and security, and our resulting Internal Audit report can provide assurance to our client’s stakeholders.

Some donors may further require project audits.  Covenants qualified accountants, with external auditor experience, can conduct project/program audits in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA 805) “Special Considerations Audits of Single Financial Statements and Specific Elements, Accounts or Items of a Financial Statement”. Covenants project auditors will plan, execute and report on the audit engagement in order to conclude on the: financial reporting, internal control system, and the conformity with the project objectives and contract conditions.

Marketing Training and Development

Marketing is a subject that we all seem to understand because so often we, as consumers, are at the centre of marketing. However, it’s easy to be confused about the distinctions between marketing strategy, marketing processes, and marketing planning. Covenant’s marketing training simplifies these issues by focusing on the various steps in the marketing management process, whilst emphasizing various practical business situations within the Myanmar context. Our clients and their partners specifically comment on the helpful mix of theory and application, which includes developing skills on how to maximising the use of free or low-cost technology software to enhance ecommerce, and digital marketing strategies.