Business Development

Covenant Consult targets the Key areas that drive private business growth including operations, finance, research and marketing. Our service is tailored to each client’s business challenges, opportunities and objectives.

Business Development

Covenant Consult targets those key areas that are triggers for private business growth, including operations, finance, research, and marketing. Our clients’ business success lies at the core of Covenant’s business development. That is why we take time to listen to the particular situation, learn about the organization and the business environment by using our research capacity. This helps us develop tailored strategies for each client’s business challenges, opportunities, and objectives. We offer an integrated set of solutions developed from our core services. These include Strategic Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources & People Development, and Finance Management.

Market Research/Analysis

Whether your company is a start-up, looking to expand, or reevaluating your current market, our market analysis helps you to identify the attractiveness of a market. Our approach provides our customers with a holistic picture of the market they operate in. It detects current and future risks of operating. Having an in-depth understanding of our clients existing and potential target markets, customers and competition is very crucial for the success of a business. Covenant Consult offers various types of research methods to identify the main opportunities and challenges. Covenant Consult draws from a number of methodologies for data optimization:

  • Qualitative Research: in-depth interviews; ethnographic field observation, Focus group discussions,
  • Quantitative Research: Design of questionnaire; Costumer Communities; tracking programs.


Generating and managing the cash flow is central to any business. With our experience Consultant, we can help you generate new revenue streams and maximize existing ones. We can also help you seek and apply for funding where necessary.

Human Resources & People Development

In a fast changing environment, companies have to attract, retain and develop a productive workforce as one key factor for business growth. Covenant Consult offers a wide range of capacity training workshop and helps companies to implement a talent management system.

 Marketing and Sales

Our Team of global experts help companies align marketing and brand strategies with all-embracing business objectives to guarantee investments in Marketing activities are generating highest returns and intensifying the brand positioning.