Carrying out high-quality, objective research and analysis to address development challenges and information policy-making.

Covenant Consult works with a wide range of stakeholders, including communities; civil society, political and armed actors; international organisations, private businesses and donors. We aim to build on long-standing partnerships, and conflict-sensitive and politically-informed research and analysis, to support high-quality projects improving the lives of vulnerable communities. We specialise in peace-building, education, economics, human security and humanitarian interventions.

Research Studies, Evaluations, and Assessments

Covenant Consult designs its research, evaluations, and assessments in cooperation with our clients and according to the principles of best development practice. This includes Covenant’s contribution of research experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection, technical know-how, data analysis, and writing expertise in the design of quality research frameworks and reports. Our research team of international and national researchers and assistants is a team of skilled and experienced people with residency and  work experience in Southeast Asia, including conflict affected areas. A number of team members have multi-lingual skills (local languages) and are able to closely engage with local communities. Likewise, team members are confident to work with different authorities to acquire information through interviews and other appropriate means.

Conflict and Context Analysis

Our contributing work to the development sector in post-conflict areas requires thorough and robust analyses of the conflict environment. We aim to apply analyzing tools and methods that go ‘broader’ and ‘deeper’ in evaluating the conflict resources and its social construction, shadow economies, group identities, historic grievances, religiousness, and ideologies that also impact the conflict and its appearance. For us, mere analyzing of conflict drivers and connectors across conflict lines is not an end in itself. This means, working with people in conflict and post-conflict areas can lead to an opportunity where external research analysis and suggestions become milestones towards conflict mitigation.  


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